The Blessings and Flaws When Using Complete Point-of-Sales Systems in 2018

//The Blessings and Flaws When Using Complete Point-of-Sales Systems in 2018

The Blessings and Flaws When Using Complete Point-of-Sales Systems in 2018

Choosing the right POS system can really be a challenge and when it so happens to come as a one-box solution, then it is no surprise that you would be intrigued. The fact that they cut down on shopping time and that they are cheaper than buying all of the component parts individually is definitely something that is very appealing to people, but these systems also have their negative sides. If you are interested in one of these so called one-box solutions, then keep on reading this article to find out about some of the pros and cons of these types of point of sales systems.

Pro: Everything is connected

This is probably one of those things that really speaks to the people considering to purchase these systems because putting all of the individual components together and connecting everything can really be a pain and take up a lot of time. So the fact that you get something that is fully connected and can be started up and running within minutes is a great bonus. So the convenience of the software and hardware being packaged together is definitely something that should not be overlooked and something that should be appreciated.

Con: Migration takes time

If you already have a traditional point of sales system and you want to transition to a one-pox one, then the whole process will require you to completely export your inventory and all of your customer information into a spreadsheet that you will then need to send to your provider. Apart from this being necessary, it is a process that is also very time-consuming and it may result with you having to potentially spend days doing it or even spend money and have someone else do it, because your business will still have to keep running while all of this is happening.

Con: The cost can be deceiving

Another reason why people are really tempted to go for these complete POS systems is that they claim to be very inexpensive compared to the alternative, but that isn’t really true. While it is true that these types of systems cost less at the beginning, many of them involve some kind of monthly credit card fees that are based on a percentage of the sales that you make. So before you go for it simply because it will be less expensive, really take your time to evaluate what the costs of making the switch will actually be.

Point of sales systems are a great help when it comes to running pretty much any kind of business, but choosing the right one can be difficult and crucial to the way that your business moves forward. Whether it is the right thing for you to go for a one-box POS or a traditional one, is up to you to decide and hopefully these pros and cons will be able to help you when making your decision.

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