The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using iPad POS for Business in 2018

//The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using iPad POS for Business in 2018

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using iPad POS for Business in 2018

In the last few years, iPad POS systems have been popping up everywhere. Retailers and restaurant owners have been switching to these types of point of sales systems more and more, but just because you are seeing them everywhere, it doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be the right fir for your business as well. To help you decide whether you need to switch as well, we have put together a list of pros and cons in the hope that they will be able to make the decision process easier.

Pro: They are portable

Probably the biggest selling point of the iPad point of sale systems is that they are extremely portable which makes it really easy for employees to interact with customers. If you are, for example, the owner of a restaurant, then your employees can walk from table to table, plugging orders directly into the system. The great thing is that this also eliminates a lot of man-made errors which often happen when servers are obliged to either write things down in a hurry or simple memorize the entire order. However if you have a business that doesn’t require a lot of customer interaction, you can still simply anchor the iPad at the checkout point like you would a traditional POS.

Con: There can be potential security breaches

If you think that security breaches don’t happen in the cloud, then think again. Since the iPad POS systems rely on the internet, that makes them vulnerable to hackers and this can result in stolen credit card numbers and other personal customer information. If something like this were to happen, you will surely lose your customer’s trust and that can definitely be an issue moving forward with your business. Even if the data is encrypted, this still isn’t a foolproof thing so this is definitely something to be aware of when considering if this is the right type of POS for you.

Pro: They look good

Appearances matter a lot, no matter what kind of business you are running, and when it comes to good looks and first impressions, there aren’t many things out there that can even come close to Apple products. The iPad is pretty small which means that it won’t take up a lot of counter space while also giving your business a fresh and trendy vibe. The sleek and modern design will compliment any business, and even enhance the appearance of some. Another great thing is that Apple products are everywhere which means that a replacement for a cracked screen and any type of technical support can be easily found.

Do the pros outweigh the cons? That is definitely something that is up to you to decide, and hopefully this article has helped you out a bit with that. If you are interested in having something that looks as well as it performs, then an iPad POS is definitely the thing for you, but if you are concerned about safety then maybe keep looking. After all, we did say that these systems don’t work for every business.

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